5 Ways Islamic Journaling Can Transform Your New Year

As the new year approaches, many of us take the opportunity to reflect on the past year and set goals for the year ahead. One powerful tool that can help us transform our lives and achieve our goals is Islamic journaling.

Here are five ways that Islamic journaling can help transform your new year:

  1. Reflect on your relationship with Allah (SWT)
  2. Set and achieve goals
  3. Practice gratitude
  4. Build self-awareness
  5. Connect with others

5 Tips for Heading Back to the Office Post-COVID

After more than a year of working-from-home, it’s time for some of us to head back to our workplaces. While going back to the office and working without distractions comes with a sigh of relief for some, many of us are worried about getting back into the morning routine.

Whether you are excited to get back to your desk or dreading the change, there is no doubt that going back to the workplace is a significant shift after a long period of lockdown. With all the changes, adjusting can be difficult.

We’ve put together some tips to help you adjust into the new routine. 

Light: the secret to great sleep

 "Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth...light upon light..." - Holy Qur'an (24:35)
 "Among His signs are your sleep..." - Holy Qur'an (30:23)

The pivotal role of light to life is unquestionable. From photosynthesis to solar power, the significance of the largest star in our solar system cannot be overstated.

An emerging body of research is now shining more and more light on the role of light itself in establishing and maintaining our 24-hour body clocks - circadian rhythms - that determine so many of our internal systems and processes.

We can all struggle with sleep at some point. The effects can be dramatic and deleterious. It's perhaps no surprise that since ancient times sleep deprivation has been used as a potent tool of torture.

It is now increasingly evident that one of the biggest optimisations available to us is not through supplements or diets, but through improving our sleep.

Mondays trend to bring with them a particular blend of feelings and thoughts: inevitability, gloominess, dread. ⁣

But they don't have to!⁣

Taking just 5 minutes of time out before your Monday gets going can be all it takes to reframe your day.⁣

Use those 5 minutes to consider any combination of the following ideas:⁣ 

2020 has undoubtedly been a challenging year that has pushed many of us to our limits. Cherishing what we have has never been more important. ⁣It's a perfect time to harness the power of gratitude and embed it in our daily routines. As the New Year approaches, it’s an opportunity to focus on what’s important, what perhaps needs to be more important and what can be cast aside!

A third of resolutions don’t make it beyond January. More often than not it’s because they’re not the right resolutions. So how does one make the right resolutions?

Fortunately there’s a wonderful blueprint to approaching New Year’s Resolutions to be found at the epicentre of the Islamic spiritual calendar. The Nights of Destiny in Ramadan form the chronological launchpad for many of our pledges, promises and plans to ourselves and to Allah. 

Essential to the success of the process is to focus on core areas that constitute the tapestry of our lives.

So here are seven steps to help make resolutions for 2021 that have a greater chance of sticking.

Why journaling is good for your mind, body and soul

Professor Robert Emmons, a psychologist at UC Davis, author of Gratitude Works and world leading scientific expert on gratitude makes the bold claim in his book that keeping a gratitude journal can result in a 25% boost in happiness.

Not only that, individuals who keep a journal in which they are thankful benefit from up to 90 minutes more sleep per night and 33% more exercise.

Why not make a start right here, right now and pause to reflect on three gifts you're grateful to have been granted in your life?

A 3-point plan to get into the introspective groove - featuring Dr Milad Hilli

During the month of Ramadan Dr Milad Hilli, GP trainee, blogger and cancer survivor embraced the Jeem vision and shared her unbelievably kind thoughts about the journal but moreover went on to complete the “Promise to Myself” section of the journal and pledged live on Instagram to journal for a week and share her daily reflections online.

Her reflections were heart-felt, wide-ranging and deeply personal. We’re truly grateful to Milad for inspiring other Jeem Journalers through her generosity of spirit.

The highlight of the Islamic spiritual calendar is without doubt the holy month of Ramadhan, the month of fasting. We draw closer to Allah through self-denial and remembrance of the divine.

The inner awakening that is incubated throughout the month is realised during that night, or in some cases nights, of destiny. Scholarly opinion points towards the odd numbered nights of the last ten days of the month. Their identity is purposefully vague yet sufficiently precise to lend them an aura of the supernatural. It is firmly believed that on those nights sins are forgiven, destiny is decreed, new futures are forged.