5 Tips for Heading Back to the Office Post-COVID

5 Tips for Heading Back to the Office Post-COVID

After more than a year of working-from-home, it’s time for some of us to head back to our workplaces. While going back to the office and working without distractions comes with a sigh of relief for some, many of us are worried about getting back into the morning routine.

Whether you are excited to get back to your desk or dreading the change, there is no doubt that going back to the workplace is a significant shift after a long period of lockdown. With all the changes, adjusting can be difficult.

We’ve put together some tips to help you adjust into the new routine. 

1.  Be Flexible

The best way to handle any kind of change or uncertainty is to be flexible. Not only with yourself, but with your colleagues as well. You have to remind yourself that you are still in transition and nothing can be the same as before. Focus on the present moment and be kind to yourself and your colleagues even if things don’t work out.

2.  Take Time to Recharge

Change can be daunting, both physically and mentally. The best way to handle it is to take good care of yourself. This includes eating healthy meals, moving your body, and getting enough sleep to stay recharged throughout the day.

3.  Practice Gratitude

Have you ever noticed that some people exhibit a positive attitude regardless of the situation? Even if you are finding it hard to go back to work, maintaining a good attitude will let you see the opportunity in challenging times.

Fortunately, you can cultivate a positive outlook with a little practice. Our Jeem Journal is designed to help you practice gratitude. Five minutes of journaling in the morning and evening is enough to turbo-charge your day.

4.  Be Aware of Your Mental Well-being

Transition from WFH to office can take a toll on your mental health. That’s why it is important to take some time to reflect on your feelings. The best way is to talk to a close friend or a loved one. Also, make time to pray and take out some time to meditate, to do some yoga or some simple breath work.

5.  Ditch the Loungewear

If you’ve been working in loungewear the whole time, you might feel good by dressing up in formal clothes. A simple adjustment back to professional clothes will help you shift your mindset back to the routine. Wear something that captures and channels the energy and drive that you want to feel.




5 Tips for Heading Back to the Office Post-COVID