Our Story

The Jeem Team

The team at Jeem - husband and wife duo Tauseef and Sarah - love to journal. We’ve experienced the positive impact of writing down our thoughts, worries and hopes, practising gratitude for the small things in life and feeling inspired by quotes that lift you up after a long day.

Journaling has helped keep us calm and grounded through difficult times and has enabled us to take our careers to the next level by creating a place for focus and action.

We’ve tried out all sorts of journals, but what was missing was a journal that reflected our various identities. Specifically, one that allowed us to seek strength through our Islamic faith tradition.

As busy professionals who like everyone else, juggle work, family and life, we wanted to create a toolkit that would allow us, and you, to convey and capture your thoughts and brain waves, whilst inspiring you to keep going and plan for the months ahead. Crucially we wanted this to take place within a framework that draws inspiration from Islam. Meditation, mindfulness and gratitude are all concepts housed within the building of Islam so we have tried to incorporate them in a modern context to help you navigate the highs and lows of daily life.

Jeem Journal is the realisation of the need for a synergy between traditions  - a journaling tool that enables cross pollination between faith practised over millennia and a scientifically proven mechanism that fits neatly into our hectic schedules.

We hope to create a movement of motivated Jeem Journalers to harness the power of faith in a 21st century context.

Our Philosophy

The letter jeem (ج) itself encapsulates the jamali, beautiful (جمالي), and jalali, mighty (جلالي), attributes of God. So in essence the letter alludes to the names of Allah, in their entirety. As Muslims we are urged: takhallaqu bi-akhlaq Allah, “take on the qualities of Allah.” Jeem captures that to which we aspire and align ourselves.

Our Mission

Our company exists to serve by inspiring modern Muslims find greater peace, purpose and productivity.

Grow With Us

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