Jeem Journal


Inspire more peace, purpose and productivity in your life. For Muslims seeking more. The Jeem Journal is a gratitude journal and planner containing short, structured exercises and inspiration to help you make the most of yourself everyday. 

Five minutes of gratitude and goal-setting in the morning for a productive day; five minutes of reflection at night for a restful sleep. Also contains the Qadr Destiny Drive and Jeem Life Mapper, tools for harnessing the spiritual power of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan to make a multifaceted action plan for the year ahead.


- Tonal light grey/cream hardback bound in textured cotton

- Daily layout with inspiring quotes from Muslims across time and around the globe, prayer tracker, Qadr Destiny Drive and other unique features

- A5 notebook dimensions: W15.3 x H21.4cm 

- Cover produced in a natural textured cotton

- Debossed cover with two ribbon bookmarks

- 240 pages in ivory paper

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Customer Reviews

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Excellent delivery + quality product


Minimal and beautiful. The hardback cover would have been even better if it was pure white colour. I still love it though, can't wait to get started on the jeem journey!

Jeem Journal fits comfortable on a bookshelf with your favourite books

Punctuate your day with positivity

Morning Routine 
Set the tone for your day by dedicating 5 minutes as you wake to ponder over 3 structured questions.

1. Positivity - Regular gratitude practice gives you a buzz
2. Productivity - An action plan gives you the edge
3. Purpose - a reminder of your “why” gives you meaning

Night Routine 
Before laying down your head to rest, take a moment to reflect on that day’s positive experiences, hold yourself accountable, and focus on how to craft a more fulfilling tomorrow.

Jeem Journal fits comfortable on a bookshelf with your favourite books

Make the most of every day

Take a peek at our carefully crafted journal that helps make your day meaningful.

Jeem Journal fits comfortable on a bookshelf with your favourite books

Qadr Destiny Drive & Jeem Life Mapper

These are tools geared towards harnessing the spiritual power of the holy month of Ramadan, specifically the Night of Destiny, to make a balanced action plan for the year ahead.

You are encouraged to map out 6 core areas of life including Spirituality, Relationships, and Career.

The beauty of this section lies in its universality. You can take full advantage at any potentially pivotal moment - New Year’s eve,  a birthday or even at the start of a new job.

There is science in gratitude

Research shows that adopting an “attitude of gratitude” can measurably improve your level of well-being.

Regular gratitude practice such as through a journal, can have the following benefits:

1. Better mood - increased happiness, reduced depression, increased resilience
2. Better physical health - lower blood pressure, less chronic pain, increased energy levels
3. Boost self-esteem and increase empathy
4. Enhanced sleep by capturing grateful thoughts before bed
5. Stronger immune systems

Jeem Journal fits comfortable on a bookshelf with your favourite books

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