Why journaling is good for your mind, body and soul

Professor Robert Emmons, a psychologist at UC Davis, author of Gratitude Works and world leading scientific expert on gratitude makes the bold claim in his book that keeping a gratitude journal can result in a 25% boost in happiness.

Not only that, individuals who keep a journal in which they are thankful benefit from up to 90 minutes more sleep per night and 33% more exercise.

Why not make a start right here, right now and pause to reflect on three gifts you're grateful to have been granted in your life?

A 3-point plan to get into the introspective groove - featuring Dr Milad Hilli

During the month of Ramadan Dr Milad Hilli, GP trainee, blogger and cancer survivor embraced the Jeem vision and shared her unbelievably kind thoughts about the journal but moreover went on to complete the “Promise to Myself” section of the journal and pledged live on Instagram to journal for a week and share her daily reflections online.

Her reflections were heart-felt, wide-ranging and deeply personal. We’re truly grateful to Milad for inspiring other Jeem Journalers through her generosity of spirit.

The highlight of the Islamic spiritual calendar is without doubt the holy month of Ramadhan, the month of fasting. We draw closer to Allah through self-denial and remembrance of the divine.

The inner awakening that is incubated throughout the month is realised during that night, or in some cases nights, of destiny. Scholarly opinion points towards the odd numbered nights of the last ten days of the month. Their identity is purposefully vague yet sufficiently precise to lend them an aura of the supernatural. It is firmly believed that on those nights sins are forgiven, destiny is decreed, new futures are forged.

A 3-point plan to get into the introspective groove

Being faced with a blank piece of paper can be a daunting prospect. We at Jeem have been there and done that - but have lost the t-shirt! That’s why we developed our structured prompting journal to nurture your ideas and encourage the words to flow.

Jeem is live!

I vividly recall returning from a screening of Martin Scorsese's Silence back in 2016. It touched on so many themes, especially the true meaning and expression of faith. I returned home compelled to put my thoughts to paper. My love affair with journaling had begun.