Give Back

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Sharing Jeem’s vision on creating enduring purpose

Every time a new Jeem Journal leaves our warehouse, a portion of the profits will be entrusted to the Muslim Youth Helpline.

The Jeem Journal encourages reflection, introspection and a degree of soul searching - a focus on the inward. However, a balanced and well-rounded life requires a nod to the outward. Translating all that inner peace into meaningful outward action is key to the Jeem philosophy. Essentially it’s the conversion of theory into practice.

As societies around us become increasingly individualistic, we encourage anchoring to the grand traditions of altruism and charity emphasised in our faith.

“At the very least give. Preferably give of yourself.” Jeem Quarantine Guide

Actively looking beyond oneself and seeking ways of helping and assisting others - switching from selfishness to selflessness - is the key to unlocking the innumerable benefits of generosity of spirit, in this world and the next.

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On this note, Jeem is proud to partner with the Muslim Youth Helpline (MYH), an award-winning registered charity which provides pioneering faith and culturally sensitive services to Muslim youth in the UK. Every time a new Jeem Journal leaves our warehouse, a portion - 5% - of the profits will be entrusted to MYH to help them carry on their incredible work.

“Muslim Youth Helpline is proud to be a partner of Jeem Journal, and look forward to seeing how it promotes positive mental health in our community.” Zohra Khaku, Director of Muslim Youth Helpline

The charity has a particular resonance with our Founder, Tauseef, as he ran a sponsored 10k race for MYH fresh out of university many moons ago! In a wonderful circle of life type moment of grace, they find themselves running alongside each other again.