5 Ideas to Reframe your Monday

Mondays trend to bring with them a particular blend of feelings and thoughts: inevitability, gloominess, dread. ⁣

But they don't have to!⁣

Taking just 5 minutes of time out before your Monday gets going can be all it takes to reframe your day.⁣

Use those 5 minutes to consider any combination of the following ideas:⁣ 

      1. Identify 3 things to be thankful for.⁣
      2. Write down your worries and by doing so make them more manageable.⁣
      3. Get a head start on important tasks by using an urgency vs importance matrix to prioritise.⁣
      4. Remind yourself of your "why".⁣
      5. Do something nice for someone else e.g. send your co-worker a “thank you” email.
(⁣While it’s normal to feel nervous about Monday now and again, if you feel your dread has become excessive or is affecting other areas of your life, it may be time to seek professional help.⁣)
5 Ideas to Reframe your Monday