If you’ve ever had any building work done at home you’ll know that there’s a lot of Shawshank before you experience any Redemption. There’s the dust for starters. Multiple decisions need to be made simultaneously often under extreme time and financial pressure. Then there’s the dust. Well-intentioned plans need to be redrawn. Did I mention the dust? However, despite the intensity of the building period, the end result - a new extension, a loft conversion or even a redecorated room - certainly sparks joy and reminds us of the art of the possible.

In a similar vein the physical and spiritual struggles of the month of Ramadan are akin to the challenges a building project presents. Except in this situation the project to  be remodelled and reconstructed is you!

Hopefully we wave goodbye to the month of Ramadan with a spiritually spring-cleaned interior.

Join us this Ramadan to harness the energy of the holy month by nurturing beautiful Qur'anic and Prophetic characteristics. ⁣

At Jeem we believe in quality rather than quantity. Less is more: we don't plan to overwhelm; we plan to inspire.⁣

It's so easy to start the month at full pelt, only to fizzle out of energy towards the crucial final nights. It's even easier to let the awesome routines we develop during Ramadan fade away after Eid. Trust us - we've been there, done that and got the t-shirt!
OK Google! Alexa!⁣

Did you know that use of smart assistants within the home ranges from 2 to 18 commands a day?⁣

We vividly recall one of our Hajj mentors reflecting upon communication with our Creator during prayer and outside of prayer. ⁣

He saw it as a fluid environment: one where the communication continues regardless of time of day but varies in intention and intensity. ⁣

He even jokingly suggested that you could talk to Allah during your drive to work and passersby will just assume you're on a bluetooth call.⁣

As we called out to our digital device yesterday evening, the action reminded us that maybe we should call upon Allah similarly - ask anything - with expectation, with hope, with clarity...⁣