Kick-start your journaling habit - Part 2

A 3-point plan to get into the introspective groove - featuring Dr Milad Hilli

In one of our very first blogs we highlighted the potential shock when you open your journal (after the overwhelming joy of course) and realise it now needs completing! Thankfully we also proposed 3 key steps to help overcome the fear and embed the journaling habit in your daily life. 

These steps were namely 1) Intention, 2) Habit-stacking and 3) Accountability.

During the month of Ramadan Dr Milad Hilli, GP trainee, blogger and cancer survivor embraced the Jeem vision and shared her unbelievably kind thoughts about the journal but moreover went on to complete the “Promise to Myself” section of the journal and pledged live on Instagram to journal for a week and share her daily reflections online.

Her reflections were heart-felt, wide-ranging and deeply personal. We’re truly grateful to Milad for inspiring other Jeem Journalers through her generosity of spirit.

“In seven days the Jeem Journal has helped me step back, reflect and appreciate the blessings in my life. Only a few minutes a day of Jeem journaling has been enough to fuel a sense of positivity within me. I look forward to continue my journey of self development and growth with the help of my Jeem journal.” - Dr Milad Hilli

First and foremost, she made a very clear intention by completing Jeem Journal’s “A Promise to Myself” section. This setting an intention (or niyyat) is crucial as it lends a task meaning, switching something from being mundane to meaningful.

Secondly, Dr Hilli ensured she anchored or habit-stacked the new journaling habit upon an existing one. Ideally, the morning routine is pinned to something you do every morning and the evening routine, likewise to a PM constant in your life. Many Jeem Journalers have made a special place for their journal beside their prayer mats for this very reason. 

Finally, Milad really rather publicly announced her intention and commitment. There’s probably no more powerful way of sticking to a pledge - accountability! Now we certainly don’t expect all Jeem Journalers to have themselves held to account by 40,000 followers but why not tell a close friend? Better still, why not journal together?

We wish you all of you the very best on your journaling journeys and cannot wait to hear how you’re getting on over at or

Kick-start your journaling habit - Part 2