Kick-start your journaling habit

A 3-point plan to get into the introspective groove

Being faced with a blank piece of paper can be a daunting prospect. We at Jeem have been there and done that - but have lost the t-shirt! That’s why we developed our structured prompting journal to nurture your ideas and encourage the words to flow.

There are 3 key steps to embedding the journaling habit in your daily life.


Giving an action a “why”, a purpose, is the single most powerful way of bestowing it with resonance. Setting an intention (or niyyat) maps out the direction of travel and the destination. Crucially, it confers a task with meaning, thereby switching something from being mundane to meaningful. Your Jeem Journal’s “A Promise to Myself” section helps you make your intention crystal clear.

Habit stacking

A new habit has much more chance of taking root and becoming established if it’s anchored or stacked upon an existing one. You’ve got a greater chance of washing your face if you habit-stack it with the act of brushing your teeth. In a similar vein, connect the act of journaling with something you regularly do already, such as one of the daily prayers. Many Jeemites have made a special place for their journal beside their prayer mats for this very reason.


Committing to something new is special. Telling others about your commitment is a potent means of ensuring you stick to it. It’s got to be easier to endure than any awkward silences when friends check in on your progress. Harness the power of the Jeem community by informing others about your journaling journey using #jeemlife.

Kick-start your journaling habit