Welcome to Jeem

I vividly recall returning from a screening of Martin Scorsese's Silence back in 2016. It touched on so many themes, especially the true meaning and expression of faith. I returned home compelled to put my thoughts to paper. My love affair with journaling had begun.

This form of journaling--freeform--became an irregular witness to my inner being. Although massively cathartic, it doesn't lend itself to adoption as a hardwired habit. I soon found myself writing less and less frequently until I stumbled upon, quite by chance, a guided journal. This type of journal uses prompts and a structured approach to encourage more focused reflection, goal setting and accountability.

I've been diligently doing this now for a few years but always wished there was a version that resonated more with my values and faith tradition, Islam.

In parallel to the above, a while back a mentor of mine spelled out how to harness the power of the Nights of Destiny in Ramadhan in a manner that totally transformed them for me. She recommended using one of the nights of destiny to map out one's life and where one wants to be and to pray earnestly for its realisation.

I took the mapping directive rather literally and sat down at my dining table and mind-mapped til dawn. By the end of the three-night process I was replete with rocket fuel for the year ahead and would recommend it as a framework for maximising the power of these nights.

The Jeem Journal is the manifestation of the intersection of these two timelines coupled with the collective learning from over fifty books on productivity, self-improvement and mastery.

I hope it brings you much peace, purpose and productivity.

Welcome to Jeem