The Sha'ban Springboard

OK Google! Alexa!⁣

Did you know that use of smart assistants within the home ranges from 2 to 18 commands a day?⁣

We vividly recall one of our Hajj mentors reflecting upon communication with our Creator during prayer and outside of prayer. ⁣

He saw it as a fluid environment: one where the communication continues regardless of time of day but varies in intention and intensity. ⁣

He even jokingly suggested that you could talk to Allah during your drive to work and passersby will just assume you're on a bluetooth call.⁣

As we called out to our digital device yesterday evening, the action reminded us that maybe we should call upon Allah similarly - ask anything - with expectation, with hope, with clarity...⁣

A makeshift yet poignant notice on the door of Ibn Arabi's mosque complex in Damascus when we last visited back in 2008 comes to mind: 

"Sever your connection with the created and establish a connection with the Creator instead."
Sha'baan, the launchpad month for Ramadan, is an ideal time to recalibrate our connections.⁣


The Sha'ban Springboard