Get Ramadan Ready with Jeem

With Ramadan around the corner, we're taking some time out this week to gather our thoughts, prepare a plan and set some achievable goals iA. Over the last few years we've found that time and effort invested now to strategise pays huge dividends during the holy month itself.⁣

1. Set Goals

- Focus on WHO you want to become during Ramadan & beyond⁣
- Now work backwards, reverse-engineer and remember: Quality > Quantity⁣
- What do you need to do to become that optimised version of you?⁣

2. Plan

- Take time to make time. Prepare a repeatable daily routine⁣
- Use prayers as your anchor points to reconnect throughout the day⁣
- Work towards the Nights of Destiny using the Jeem Qadr Destiny Drive⁣ & Life Mapper

3. Eat & Move⁣

- Become more mindful about your meal choices in anticipation of suhoors and iftars⁣
- You can still exercise! Find the right time for you though to ensure hydration⁣
- Recruit a Ramadan accountability buddy to journey alongside⁣

Get Ramadan Ready with Jeem