Quit a Habit

"Be conscious of Allah wherever you may be; follow up an evil deed with a good one which will wipe (the former) out, and behave good-naturedly towards people." - Prophet Muhammad

As we move past the half-way mark of this month of reformation let's build upon the foundations we've hopefully laid so far. ⠀

Now is the time to target habits that don't serve us. We all have behaviours that almost seem hard-wired into our psyche that we wish we could replace or improve upon. Let's capitalise on this month by stripping away the unnecessary and focusing on what's truly important to us. ⠀

We've created a free one-page downloadable PDF - the Jeem Habit Maker, designed to help you break old habits and make new habits.⠀

Take some time to examine the triggers, reasons and motivations for certain behaviours and use the same technique to forge a new way forward.⠀

Quit a Habit