Q&A with Nafisa Insan | Jeem's New Brand Ambassador

Q&A with Nafisa Insan | Jeem's New Brand Ambassador

Jeemers, we’ve got some exciting news for you!⁠

We’re incredibly excited and feel blessed to have PhD student and academia/lifestyle blogger, Nafisa Insan, onboard as Jeem Life's new brand ambassador.

Overflowing with energy, focus and reflections, Nafisa doesn’t just inspire through her adventures in the world of higher education, but also uses her platform to promote mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

At the core of everything we do at Jeem lies the principle of inspiring peace, purpose and productivity. As a committed journaler with a desire to help people optimise their habits and routines, we believe Nafisa, as our brand ambassador is the perfect union.⁠

Get to know Nafisa in our Q&A below and hear directly from Nafisa herself about getting married during the pandemic and how to structure your daily routines.

Nafisa Insan Jeem Brand Ambassador holding a Jeem Journal
  1. Congratulations on recently getting married. How was the experience in the midst of a pandemic?

Thank you!! Getting married during a pandemic has been such a whirlwind. You would think planning a small 30 person Nikkah would be less stressful but actually it still takes so much organisation and time management, especially balancing it all with my PhD work. However, having the wedding during COVID meant I could keep it very intimate and invite only the closest people in my life which is exactly how I wanted it. Overall, it was such an amazing week of celebrations with family and friends, Alhamdulillah!

  1. You love to journal. Has this been a longstanding habit or is it new to you?

I started journaling when I started my PhD about a year and a half ago, especially since the first COVID lockdown. It was quite a tough time for me dealing with the sudden changes in my PhD. Journaling really helped to me to deal with the anxiety I was going through during this time and provided a safe place for me to express my feelings and thoughts. It became a bit of an evening ritual to reflect on the ups and downs of the day, how I felt, what went well and what I want to improve on the next day. I slowly started realising what things were important for me to reflect on and incorporated those into my journaling such as gratitude which is such a key part of my day now.

Nafisa Insan Jeem Brand Ambassador writing in a Jeem Journal
  1. What is it about the Jeem Journal that works for you?

I love the Jeem Journal because it aligns perfectly with the types of things I like to reflect on: gratitude, positive affirmations, …. I tried finding a journal like this but ended up having to just use a blank notebook as I couldn’t find one that incorporated the spiritual aspect of journaling. The Jeem Journal has such a simple but effective layout and allows me to quickly reflect on the things that matter in the morning and evening. I also love the inspirational and motivational quotes for each day which really uplifts me every day!  

  1. You're working towards your PhD in Population Health Sciences which must mean you have to organise your day effectively. Can you talk us through how you do this?

One way I organise my day is by bookending each day; this means having a solid morning and evening routine which starts and ends each day. This ensures that important things get done by controlling what I do at the start and end of the day. The morning routine primes me for activity and the evening routine primes me for recovery.

Planning is really important for me to keep me organised. A PhD consists of so many different tasks and steps, so planning is key. I like to set 3 key goals for the month which I then use to plan my weeks and days by breaking those bigger monthly goals into smaller manageable goals which I can reach each week. I love using the 80/20 rule by prioritising the important 20% of my work which will produce 80% of the results I want to see from my PhD.

Nafisa Insan Jeem Brand Ambassador writing in a Jeem Journal
  1. What's your favourite quote from the Jeem Journal and why?

One of my favourite quotes from the Jeem Journal is “Wear gratitude like a cloak and it will feed every corner of your life” -Rumi. I have seen first-hand how gratitude has improved the way I look at life and helped me to be more content. It’s something I try to be aware of in every situation. Particularly during difficult times, gratitude can help shine some light and give you the hope you need. Being grateful for what Allah has blessed you with, and there is so much to be grateful for, will only give you more in all aspects of your life. 

Q&A with Nafisa Insan | Jeem's New Brand Ambassador